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CCI and Federal Sponsored Shooters Broke Several World Records and Won Three Championship Titles at World Speed Shoot

ANOKA, Minnesota – CCI and Federal Ammunition sponsored shooters Grant Kunkel and Chris Barrett broke multiple world records and earned world championship titles in three divisions at the recent World Speed Shoot. The 2021 Steel Challenge Shooting Association World Speed Shooting Championship Match was held April 14-18 at the CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park in Talladega, Alabama, presented by CCI and Federal Ammunition.

Of the 637 guns in the match, Kunkel finished high overall and set a new world record in the Rimfire Rifle Iron Division turning in a performance of 53.97 seconds. The previous record was 58.86. Kunkel was the first person to shoot a sub-five-second stage with a 4.98-second finish on the “Smoke and Hope” stage. He also set four stage world records and took 1st place in that division. In addition, Kunkel claimed the world champion title in the Rimfire Rifle Optics Division, second-place finish in the Pistol Caliber Carbine Optics Division and third place in the Rimfire Pistol Optics Division. In all, Kunkel managed to set eight world records for fastest stage time in a given division.

“To have earned a high overall win and set all the records Grant did is amazing,” said Federal’s Shooting Sports Promotions Manager, Jason Spradling. “This is a huge deal. Two years ago, the 60-second mark was broken, and no one thought it would ever be bested. Grant beat it by almost 5 seconds.”

“When I am competing at a World Championship there isn’t any room for error, that is why I use CCI Mini-Mags and Federal Syntech pistol ammunition,” said Kunkel. “Their accuracy and reliability are second to none!”

Kunkel’s CCI/Federal teammate, Chris Barrett, also had a strong showing. Barrett earned his 5th world title in the Pistol Caliber Carbine Irons Division and set new world records on seven stages. Barret uses Federal Syntech in his PCC rifles and Open Division pistol, and CCI Mini-mags in his rimfire rifles and pistol.

“Chris’ hard work and dedication to this sport continue to pay off and we’re extremely proud of his accomplishments,” said Spradling. “We congratulate Grant and Chris on such outstanding performances.”

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