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Eagle : BEYOND Episode 3 // EMBRACING FEAR – Now Live

VIRGINIA BEACH, Virginia –  Eagle Industries, a leader in the outdoor and military gear space for over 30 years, announced today that it has released the third edition of its cinematic series Eagle : BEYOND. The new episode, entitled EMBRACING FEAR, is the third video in the four-part series that focuses on four top-tier military personnel who are taking their experience, training and gear to the next level in their post-service lives. The latest episode in the series features Nick Koumalatsos, Marine Raider-turned-entrepreneur, who defies the odds and takes on a host of new challenges, including running seven businesses while constantly looking for new ways of self-improvement.

Born in Hollywood, Florida to a Greek father and a Gypsy mother, Nick grew up traveling the United States until settling down to attend high school in Panama City, Florida. In 2000, a new chapter in Nick’s life began as he entered the Marine Corps. He would go on to spend 12 years being deployed around the globe supporting the war on terror. After serving with the 2D Force Reconnaissance, 3rd Reconnaissance Bn, and as a Marine Raider with 2D Raider Bn, Marine Special Operations Command, Nick found a new passion in storytelling. His pursuit of creating new experiences that could serve as a guide book to life for the next generation has pushed him to take on life altering challenges, solidifying his belief in the power of good over evil.

Episode 3 : EMBRACING FEAR gives viewers a glimpse of the determination, intense mindset and “never settle” attitude that is essential to achieving one’s biggest dreams. Whether you find yourself learning new skills, encountering uncomfortable situations or simply looking to fulfill your life-long goals, Nick’s self-taught mentality of perseverance through adversity is an inspiration to anyone looking to improve their current situation for the betterment of themselves and their family.

Be sure to catch EMBRACING THE FEAR to see how Nick continues to challenge society’s expectations for him and his family by traveling the globe making videos and telling the stories of the present and past. 

To view the latest episode of Eagle : BEYOND as well as Episode 1 and Episode 2 visit

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