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BLACKHAWK! Announces Successful Conclusion Of “Own It” Consumer Contest

NORFOLK, Va. - May 2, 2014 - As part of its 20-year anniversary, BLACKHAWK!® launched the “Own It” consumer contest to gather the most interesting stories involving BLACKHAWK! gear from loyal Facebook fans. After reviewing hundreds of entries, the contest concluded with 20 prize packages awarded to the top participants. BLACKHAWK! would like to thank all of those who participated in the contest and will be periodically sharing a portion of the winning stories on the company’s Facebook page for others to enjoy.

After careful consideration, a panel of judges selected the most interesting, inspiring or heroic stories involving BLACKHAWK! gear. With submissions ranging from tales of active duty soldiers to common stories from the field, all of the submissions depicted the benefits of BLACKHAWK! gear in professional or everyday use. 

Contest winner Scott, an armored car employee, revealed how he relied on his duty holster each day while on the job. The proven retention system of his BLACKHAWK! SERPA® holster served to prevent an attempted robbery while also possibly saving his life. 

“While I was bent over retrieving money from a safe, someone jumped over the counter and yanked on my S&W M&P.40 holstered in a BLACKHAWK! SERPA Level 2 Holster,” said Scott. “He pulled at my weapon and holster yet was unable to gain control of it, so he ran out of the store. This holster's reliability has been what I count on every day.”

While some stories involved conflict, a few submissions showed how customers gained confidence in the field by relying on BLACKHAWK! gear. One of the stories that highlighted this added confidence came from a contest winner and probation officer named Isaac. Isaac revealed how he is often put into situations where performance counts and that he needs to know his gear will perform at any critical moment. 

“When your life depends on the quality of your equipment, it pays to buy quality,” said Isaac. “I firmly believe that BLACKHAWK! gear is the best on the market and will continue to purchase it for duty and personal use.”

Known for its durability and performance, BLACKHAWK! gear is used by military personnel worldwide. During his deployment, Sage, another contest winner, used BLACKHAWK! gloves to protect his hands from extreme heat and other daily rigors while serving on active duty.

“The gloves that I wore back in 2004, I still have today, and they have no holes or tears,” said Sage. “I have been in the military 21 years, serving with the Infantry. To have gloves like this is unheard of. I have worn many different types of gloves and none have stood up to the abuse that the BLACKHAWK! ones did. Overall these are the best gloves I have ever owned.”

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