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CCI/Speer and Habitat for Humanity: Women's Build 2022

Now more than ever, home is more than a shelter. Our homes are now schools, offices, restaurants and playgrounds. A home is our safety, our prescription for health, and the foundation for the futures we build.

That’s why CCI/Speer put together a team to help with a recent Habitat for Humanity build in Lewiston, ID. Habitat for Humanity’s Women’s Build program brings together future homeowners and dedicated volunteers to help women build a better future for their families and communities.

Heather Marshall (Engineering Assistant), Hailey Brown (HR Specialist), Cindy James (Centerfire Administration), Colista Stamper (Government Sales), Lesli Strasser (Director of International Commercial Sales), Michelle Garrison (LE Sales), Michelle Kress (Central Stores/Machine Shop), Kendra Mooers (Development Specialist), Brenda Anderson (Lewiston Customer Service) came together in August to help a family in need. 

A big thanks to the ladies of CCI/Speer who volunteered their time to bring a family a little closer to having their home!