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Employee Spotlight on Derek Anderson, Fox Racing

You might already know the name. 

Derek Anderson is featured on YouTube in two documentaries, “Driven to Ride” and “Man vs. Moto,” as well as a quick hitter that he called out as a “Claim to Fame.” In that video, which can be found by keying in “Kaboom Kawasaki” features Derek practicing a start on a bike and getting surprised with his engine blowing up.

Derek has had a very successful Moto and Supercross career – with highlights that include holding three national numbers (64, 63, 86). His best moto finish was 9th place in moto 2 at Freestone (2012). He even has one Supercross Main to his name – Anaheim 3 (2013). Last, but certainly not least, he earned the “RC Hard Charger” award at a race – an award given to the person who passes the most people in a single race.

His love for racing led him many places, including on his greatest adventure, which included three years of zigzagging across the country and back to race his dirt bike. 

“In that time, I saw some cool places. One of the most awesome adventures was visiting Niagara Falls in New York! Pictures don’t do justice on how truly big the falls are,” he said.

He grew up with a passion for racing, but come to find out, he’s just as interesting off the track. 

Derek is an Outside Sales Representative for Fox Racing, covering Colorado, New Mexico and southern Wyoming. He joined Fox Racing in May 2021 and still displays his speed well. He has onboarded over 30 dealers over the past year – achieving about a 40% growth in territory in very short time. 

After retiring from a professional motocross career, Derek worked in the oil and gas industry. Inconsistencies with that industry led to a desire for a career change, and an eventual layoff, which, thankfully, pushed him to Fox Racing.  

“I am beyond thankful to work in the cycling industry, let alone work for the raddest mountain bike apparel brand out there!” he said. “Cycling was always a form of cross training for motocross. I enjoy being outdoors, making new friends and talking to people. This field of work has allowed me to explore new cities, mountain towns and trails. It is right up my alley!”

Looking back, he’s thankful for the pivot in his career. 

“In a way, I should thank that company. Had they never laid me off, I would have never been in the position that I am in now. That time taught me to remain positive and not to sweat the small stuff,” he said.

Outside of work and biking, Derek has been working on his golf game.

“I’ve encouraged my family and friends to join me golfing, so we all enjoy getting together to play,” he said. “Heading to a local brewery and enjoying a nice cold brew is always a go-to as well.”

Derek and his wife have two cats. The couple rescued one, and named her Kenie (after the South Park show character, because Kenny in that show never dies and cats have nine lives). The other cat is a rag doll named Bubbles (after the Trailer Park Boys, because the Bubbles character on that show loves cats).

“Cats are my animal of choice!” Derek said. “Even though my own cats act like they don’t care about me, I sure enjoy their company!” 


How you’d spend a day off with no obligations:

Play 18 holes of golf early AM, then catch some laps at my favorite downhill park, then grab the tubes and float a river, end the day at a brewery soaking it all in.

Claim to Fame?
There is a video of a guy practicing a start on a dirt bike and the engine blows up. It has been on the internet for about 10 years and still circulates social media. You can find it by searching “Kaboom Kawasaki” on YouTube. The guy in the video is me.

What do you tend to collect?
I collect last gen Japanese two stoke motorcycles and have about ten in my fleet! You can see them on Instagram (@da241). 

Last book you read?
What is reading?

Most likely to buy in bulk?  
Toilet paper.

Most interesting job you’ve had? 
This one! It seems like every day there is something exciting happening with this job.

Least favorite candy?
Black licorice, yuck!

Best type of meat?
Cajun seasoned chicken thighs!.  

Worst Injury?
Broke both my wrists on my dirt bike after casing a jump. They looked like bendy straws!

Favorite form of exercise?
I ride my mountain bike 2-3 days a week. Current rig is an Evil Wreckoning.

Something most people don’t know about you?
When it comes to breakfast, my cooking skills are unmatched!

Best advice you’ve gotten?
There is an old motivational video that has stuck with me for years. In it, there is a quote: “when you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful” – Eric Thomas.  I think of that a lot and it keeps me going!

Biggest fish you’ve ever caught? 
I’ve caught one fish - about a 5 incher!