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Federal Ammunition Employees Bring Veteran Guests to Honor Flight Twin Cities

On Monday, October 10, several Federal employees and their distinguished guests took an emotional journey Minneapolis to Washington, DC to witness in person, the monuments constructed memorializing their sacrifices to our great country. ​​​​​​​

Honor Flight Twin Cities is a non-profit organization that completely prepares and executes the one-day excursion to the nation’s capital with all expenses covered including travel, meals, pins, and T-shirts.  A welcome home celebration honoring those that gave so much to protect our freedoms and liberties wrap up the event. 

In celebration of Federal’s 100th Anniversary, six employees were allowed to bring their immediate family veteran to take in all the festivities and appreciation for their service. 

Joining this memorable event were:

  • Bert Kortekaas, Jr. and distinguished guest Bert Kortekaas, Sr.
  • Paul Bogart and distinguished guest Richard Reger
  • Mark More and distinguished guest John More
  • Joanne Malmstedt and distinguished guest Steven Malmstedt
  • Jon Bronson and distinguished guest Mac Mackechnie
  • Harry (Bud) Rasmussen III and distinguished guest Harry Rasmussen, Jr.

"The opportunity to take this flight helped our family in so many ways," said Paul Bogart, Network Engineer at Vista Outdoor. "It brought us together to celebrate what we never wanted to talk about for fear of bringing out painful memories."

Paul says the Honor Flight allowed the Vietnam veteran he selected to touch the wall of his fallen comrades, then open up about what happened and how they lost their lives.

"The journey was so emotional, and I’ll never forget the number of folks that went out of their way to say, 'thank you for your service.' Patriotism is still alive and well!" he said.

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