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Federal Ammunition Proudly Recognized for Police Support

The City of Anoka and The Anoka Police Department recently recognized Federal Ammunition for its decades of support and many contributions at its City Council Meeting on August, 6, 2022. 

At the meeting, Anoka Police Chief Eric Peterson highlighted the many ways in which Federal has contributed to the city, county, and specifically the city of Anoka law enforcement community.  From officer and K-9 training, consultation on ballistics and bullet performance, to supplying new drone technologies, and support of a new range and simulator, the unwavering commitment between Anoka Police Department and Federal Ammunition has always been and remains strong.

Chief Peterson presented Jason Vanderbrink with a custom piece of crystal symbolizing the strong partnership and thanking Federal for the continuing support.  Additionally, SWAT team member Derek Nelson presented Jason Vanderbrink with a unique “Thank You” piece of art that was laser etched featuring the drone Federal donated to the department alongside one of its vehicles. 

Federal Ammunition President Jason Vanderbrink addressed the council members and city leaders, thanking them for the acknowledgments, custom pieces of art, and confirmed Federal’s commitment to the law enforcement community and the citizens of Anoka and Anoka County. Vanderbrink strongly stated that commitment and dedication will continue as Federal Cartridge enters its next 100 years of operation.