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CCI/Speer Celebrates Christmas by Giving to the Community

CCI/Speer has been lighting up the community with good works.

Last week, they were able to coordinate a donation to the local food bank as well as hand out 500 hams and 100 turkeys to community members on a first-come-first-serve basis.

group of people with table of product
L to R: Jon Taylor, Cory Lorentz, Terry Roberts, Heather Marshall, Dave Neely, Tiffany Landrus.

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The Lewiston Engineering Team had a small Christmas get-together, and asked attendees to bring donations.

The group collected quite an array of food and toys, which they donated to the Idaho Food Bank just prior to Christmas.


In a separate event, CCI/Speer employees handed out 500 hams and 100 turkeys to members of the community. Hundreds of cars lined up at the boat dock parking lot on Snake River Avenue after the afternoon of Tuesday, Dec. 21 for the chance to receive one of the giveaways.

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The team had advertised on KLEW TV, Nelly Broadcasting, McVey Entertainment, and the Lewiston Morning Tribune. The ham and turkeys were give out by several members of leadership and various employees on their own time. If you have access to Facebook, you can view the news story.

line of cars in a parking lot