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Forbes Names Vista Outdoor as one of “America’s Best Midsize Employers”

Vista and Forbes logoVista Outdoor was named as one of America’s Best Midsize Employers by Forbes in 2021.

Forbes’ list of America’s Best Employers was formed from an independent survey of 50,000 employees in 25 industries working for companies with at least 1,000 people working in U.S. locations. Each year, Forbes partners with a world-leading provider of rankings and large-scale polling to measure leading employers in the country. Combined, the process includes anonymous employee polls and review of other publicly available material and workplace metrics. Forbes has been compiling and publishing its list of “America’s Best Employers” since 2015, listing rankings for large and midsize employers.

“This is a huge honor. We are humbled to be recognized by Forbes as one of America’s Best employers. A cornerstone to our success is the ability to retain and hire the best people in the industry,” said Brad Crandell, Chief Human Resources Officer. “Vista Outdoor offers a fast-paced, employee-focused environment that pushes each person to learn and grow. Additionally, we encourage employees to get outside and live our company mission of ‘Bringing the World Outside’ in their personal lives. Strong communities and a more inclusive outdoor industry are crucial to our mission, and we continue to search for and evaluate ways to be a great, inclusive place to work as well as a leader in our communities and the industry,” Crandell said.

Vista Outdoor offers benefit programs that meet the diverse needs of over 5,000 talented, dedicated employees. These benefits strongly promote employee health and wellness, career development and work/life balance. Vista Outdoor, its brands and employees also promote a culture of community and impact in business operations and community partnerships. Vista Outdoor Corporate Social Responsibility values of People, Conservation, Veterans, Community and Safety drive positive impact in the areas of public policy, partnerships and business operations. These values bring the Vista Outdoor mission to life and drive our belief that our business success can leverage positive change and impact in the world.

Learn more about the recognition and see the Vista Outdoor listing by viewing the full Forbes’ 2021 list of America’s Best Employers.  See below for employee reactions and words about what it’s like to work at Vista Outdoor.

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“Vista Outdoor has provided great support and mentorship to foster my growth professionally and personally. I love working to differentiate from the competition with creative marketing tactics that truly move the needle. With a leadership team that supports innovative thinking and gives guidance and recommendations to maximize its resources, it is not surprising that a respected publication like Forbes would recognize Vista Outdoor as one of America’s Best Employers.” -Brian Kelvington, Federal, CCI, Remington, Hevi-Shot & Speer Ammunition
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“It is easy to see why generations of families have worked for Vista brands over the years. Even though we’re over four-thousand strong, there’s a sense of family, where team members are genuine and supportive. We strive for better solutions that improve customer experiences. Vista encourages us to get involved in outdoor activities and because of that, I’ve branched out and met some great people in the community.” -Angie Sullivan, Anoka, MN
“My Grandfather always told me if I found a job I loved, I’d never work a day in my life. Mission accomplished. I am excited to go to work each day because I have an impact on a team that relies on me. My leader sets a clear standard and my team grants the trust and freedom I need to fulfill my duties. Our mission ‘to bring the world outside’ is something to cherish and I take great pride in playing my part in pursuing it. Making Forbes’ list of Best Midsize Employers is great recognition for the effort put out by our leadership to put our employee’s first.” -Michael McLachlan, Lewiston, ID
“In my 18 years at Federal/Vista, there are many interactions that remind me that we are a big family. In the early 2000s, when we were far, far smaller, our then-GM, would greet me by first name (he knew EVERYBODY’s name!). He’d sit in our morning meetings among younger supervisors, ask challenging questions and also positively reinforce work well done…. a true leader. Although we are a much bigger company now, I’ll see our President in the plant. I’m still greeted by name, and then get follow-up questions on something pertaining to my “wheelhouse” or a “well done”. He has bigger fish to fry but is well aware of what’s going on. We’re still a family…..albeit a much, much bigger one. I still remember, and hold dear in my heart, the joyous moments with my colleagues (promotions, retirements, big successes) as well as the pain of loss (funerals of some who meant a lot to me). And to this day, I often think of those who were so special, who I am honored to emulate… giants in our history, who retired far too early (from my selfish perspective). So, what I really mean to say, is our people and our value system make Vista special. “ -Johann Boden, Anoka, MN
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“Three reasons why I work at Vista: the people, the outdoors and the impact I can make within and outside the organization. ‘Bringing the World Outside’ is a gift that Vista Outdoor can share, as our recognizable brands spark happy memories, exciting experiences and great stories. It’s refreshing to see the positive impacts internally and externally.” -Ali Baker, Anoka, MN






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“Vista truly is one of the best places to work. The daily contributions I make alongside my team have a meaningful impact in the lives of our employees, managers and HR partners. The senior HR leadership team openly listens to our thoughts and ideas and encourages an environment of continuous improvement which has helped me learn, grow and thrive as an HR professional. Despite the endless stream of new challenges in the past year, our organization flourished because of the contributions of every employee and I could not be more proud to have been a part of it and a part of this well-deserved recognition for our company.” -Alyssa Anderson, Anoka, MN


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“I love the outdoors. I grew up in the city, but some of my favorite memories are being in the woods with my family. Working for a company that is deeply connected to the outdoor experience is important to me. I am proud to be a Vista employee and look forward to my future with the company.” -Aaron Glass, Remington


“It’s no surprise that Vista made the Forbes list of America’s Best Employers. There are myriad ways that Giro benefits by being in the Vista portfolio, and I can say the same as an individual. Across the company, I see only support and collaboration. Best of all, the company culture at Vista not only respects its employees, but also its customers. That’s very important for a premium brand like Giro. We have a passionate following of cycling and snowsports enthusiasts, and this group can clearly see that Giro’s parent company is encouraging this brand to shine.” – Dain Zaffke, Giro Director of Marketing, Santa Cruz, CA



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“It’s a joy to partner with Vista employees and leaders to elevate people and raise the bar. Across our family of brands, people are curious, creative, and thoughtful. There is so much opportunity to tackle unique challenges, partner across brands and to learn about other areas of the business. I am encouraged to solve problems I identify, and feel supported and empowered to do so.” –Roya Platsis, Petaluma, CA


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“Vista Outdoor is committed to community, environment and employees. The leadership team at Vista has developed a culture that truly cares about employees; a culture that engages, develops and recognizes. It makes me proud to have our company listed as one of the best!” -Teresa Childers, Anoka, MN



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“Vista Outdoor is a people first kind of business – from the end users to the employees that make it happen. They’ve challenged me with opportunities to grow and expand my skillset. In return, I have been given more responsibility and have become a highly valued part of the team. The more I do, the more optimistic I am about my future at Vista. When we win, we win together!” – Ryan Neeley, Logan, UT



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“Working for a company that truly believes in the sports we play in gives me an incredible sense of purpose. We live and breathe our product, and to have a company just as passionate changes everything.” -Shelby Rossi, Santa Cruz, CA



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“Imagine a place where passion meets profession. Where knowledge, commitment and integrity are found beyond the mission statement. A place where you not only contribute to success but can directly see your efforts in action. Vista Outdoor is one such place. With great brands, committed people and uncompromising vision, Vista delivers as an American company.” -Michael Kinn, Anoka, MN


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“I feel respected and valued for what I bring to the company. I work with an extremely supportive and collaborative team that pushes for excellence in everything we do, and I work for a leader who trusts and believes in me. I am extremely proud of Vista for making the list, particularly in an extremely challenging time. It reaffirms my belief that Vista is committed to its people and its customers and is focused on its Mission, Vision and Values.” -Melanie McIntyre, Overland Park, KS



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This company has a great collection of brands that move people outside and provide a healthy heritage for generations to come. It’s a sustainable model for business and outdoor recreation. Plus, the company helps fund habitat for wildlife and opportunity for people exploring new pursuits.” -Jason Nash, Anoka, MN



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“Vista has provided many opportunities to learn and grow in 2020 – for me, and my team. I am empowered and trusted to do what is right for our employees. It is a refreshing work environment where the sky is the limit!” – Jason Sprynczynatyk, Anoka, MN



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“I am proud to work for a company that promotes giving back. The reach is far and wide with conservation partnerships, local community involvement, supporting veterans and service members, and providing opportunities and removing barriers so more people can experience the outdoors. Vista is a workplace where I can connect with other employees to expand our impact on the community and environment.” – Anne Beihoffer, Anoka, MN


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“The best thing about working at Vista is the people. The team I am a part of is like family. We are blessed to work together innovating and improving products for an industry we all love. The second best thing about working at Vista is having a role I truly enjoy. One that challenges me and teaches me new things every day. I know what I do makes a difference.” – Eliza Graves, Overland Park, KS


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Vista Outdoor gives me a platform to make the world a better place. I get to shape policy, build partnerships and craft campaigns that advance our core commitments. I get to view success through a long-term lens, which supports purpose-driven initiatives that reward impact over headlines. And I get to work with dedicated, passionate people who share my love for the outdoors, making a difference and having lots of fun along the way.” -Fred Ferguson, Washington, D.C.


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“I am learning all the time, from the best people. The best way to do great work is to be proud of the company you work for and I have always been proud of this company.” -Diana Bristlin, Anoka, MN