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Employee Spotlight: Jacob Kovach, Foresight Sports

People often pick a career based on a career assessment, a subject they enjoyed in school or by following a loved ones’ footsteps. Others take a path that ultimately is made one decision at a time. Not many are on stage directing an orchestra when they determine the field of work they want to be in.

For Jacob Kovach, Production Control Coordinator at Foresight, this was the case. For his final undergrad project, Jacob composed a 45-minute classical orchestral piece for an entire choir and orchestra. He then arranged the schedules of more than 30 musicians, led rehearsals and debuted a live performance.

That, he says, is where his interest in organizational management started. Jacob also attributes the energy for this career to an interest in data science and engineering automation. This is what made accepting a role at Foresight a natural choice when the opportunity surfaced in April 2021.

At Foresight, Jacob is involved in managing production, incoming inventory, warehouse, and delivery of finished goods for testing. The small company mindset of Foresight gives employees the space to wear multiple hats, which means Jacob has also worked into an all-encompassing operations role where he manages suppliers, material schedules, design business processes, and manage facilities.

“Although my educational background isn’t in operations or management, I realized my passion for organization and process early in my career,” Jacob explained. “My first role was in the Biotech industry where I tripled the size of the small startup (in both revenue and personnel), instituted quality and environmental management, and created inventory controls to help the operational footprint of the business. I don’t always have a plan of where I want to end up, but I work hard and seize opportunities as they present themselves.”

Jacob says the responsibilities and scope of his role have changed – for the good – over his six months at Foresight.

“I take an entrepreneurial mindset to my work and Foresight has given me the latitude to shape my role into what I want it to be,” he said.

Aside from establishing better inventory practices, Jacob has focused on shifting a “get it done quickly” culture to streamlined, standardized and accurate methods.

Jacob says his greatest adventure was moving to California after finishing college in Ohio. At the time, he had a lot of faith in what he had there: a friend’s couch to crash on. It has been eight years, and Jacob is still adventuring around the state attending sporting events, golfing, snowboarding, hiking and running.


Last read:
Currently reading the autobiography that inspired the musical “Hamilton.”

Secret Talent?
My voice.

Favorite candy?
I’m a sucker for a Reese’s fastbreak (not sure if they even make these anymore).

Who would you like to swap places with for a day?
Someone who is on vacation.

Advice to the younger you?
Talk less. Listen more. I don’t know how much advice I would want to give younger me, considering I probably wouldn’t have listened anyway.

Your claim to fame?
I’m the songbird of our generation. My voice has been described as a mixture of Fergie and Jesus.

What would a day off with no obligations look like?
Golf, either by myself, or with a few close friends.

Your go-to karaoke anthem?
Piano Man – Billy Joel

What a person needs to be happy?
I think happiness is subjective, but I find that what makes me happy is having a challenging but attainable goal to work toward, while simultaneously having a sense of contentment despite not having reached that goal yet. Personally, I’m still working on the latter.

What is one thing most people at work don’t know about you?
I am a classical trained vocalist. No, I won’t sing for you.

Favorite thing about Fall?
All the tourists leaving San Diego.