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Bell peeks ‘Under the Helmet’ of the Industry’s Most Inspiring


man on a dirt bike wearing a helmetBell recently launched “Under the Helmet,” a new content series that goes behind the scenes and into the lives of some of Bell’s most hardcore, inspiring riders. The series will feature bike and powersports athletes from across the globe, and help shine a light on the faces and communities that contribute so much to the action sports industry.

This project was a huge group effort, stretching Bell’s creative, E-comm and Marketing teams talents and bringing the team together to forge this new storytelling and narrative work. Aside from features on the Under the Helmet website, these videos are also posted on Bell’s three Instagram accounts and the video is live on Youtube.​​​​​​​

Bell kicked off the series with Tallboy T, known as a Harley stunt rider who loves to shred on a mountain bike and go cliff jumping. It’s an impressive shoot (done in Utah) with a ton of action! Since its launch, the team has added three additional videos that feature Hayden Gillim, Cam Beaubier and Chris Fillmore.