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Vista’s brands stand behind its purpose


man holding productsAlthough Mission and Purpose statements are common, people tend to evaluate what’s behind a company based on what they do, how they treat people and whether employees feel the grass is greenest where they work. In recent months, Vista and its brands had a rare opportunity to live out its Purpose: To be known as a passionate outdoor company with the brands, products and culture that unite people around a shared love and responsibility for the outdoors.

The story begins in May, 2021, when Minnesota and North Dakota media ran a story of Travis Birr, a 41-year old veteran who had the misfortune of returning from a 10-month deployment in Kuwait to a lot less than he left with.

Birr found his storage shed with nearly all his outdoor gear stolen, including some very special items, like a fat tire bike he won after running a race and customized perfectly and a G. Loomis custom-built fishing rod with his late godfather’s signature. Other things missing included a lot of ammunition, bow and arrows and a lot of hunting gear.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

It was obviously a blow. But the worst of it is, Travis and a buddy have been extending help to veterans for over three years, planning and taking them on fishing and hunting trips to help in their healing process. They’ve formed an organization (Veteran Outdoor Ventures), and Travis and his friend pay for everything out of pocket.

display of productsAfter reading the news and identifying that Travis is an avatar of Vista’s purpose, living passionately about the outdoors – and working to share it with others – we pulled together a few key players from business units who could help fill gaps for Travis. It didn’t take long for Vista’s brands to belly up to its Purpose, pulling together a “Better Together” package to ease this catastrophe. We’re proud of the package we offered and delivered to Travis in late August. That package included:

  • A QuietKat Ranger 5.0 E-bike (to be shipped this month)
  • Ammunition – 4 boxes of 150 Grain Power-Shok, 1 Case 9mm Luger 115 Grain FMJ, 2 boxes 12 Gauge 3-inch Federal HWT TSS, 2 cases 12 Gauge Target Load
  • CamelBak Hat, Hydration Pack (x2), Water Bottles (x4), camp mug
  • Blackburn: Core 3 Floor Pump, Luminate 360 Light Set, Wayside Multi Tool kit
  • Bell BS Z20 AERO MIPS Helmet
  • Simmons Spotting Scope
  • Bushnell Binoculars

The original columnist wrote a follow-up story that was featured in the news late last week.