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Po-TAY-toe, Po-TA-toe: Hashing out Vista’s Favorite Spud


It is National Potato Day, and you may not be tater-ly surprised to learn “French Fries” were the hottest potatoes among Vista employees in this week’s internal poll.
37% said fries were the favorite, followed closely by mashed (28%). Baked potatoes ranked third with 21% of the votes.
It turns out everyone carbo-hide-rates grandma’s potato salad as it’s clearly not as great as everyone says to her face (only 5% of votes!). We also saw a significant silence of the yams, as the survey indicated sweet potatoes are not all that a-peeling to Vista employees, either (earned 9% of votes).
But rather than acting salty about the lack of spice to our spuds, we asked the pros at Camp Chef to chip in advice on seasoning up our side dishes – and we got a plateful! They did not fall short on ways to rotate-o it up, so if you don’t like any of these options, put a fork in it!

The Camp Chef crew took it a step further and sent some education on Cast Iron Cooking. Check it out!

CAST IRON COOKING…. Did you know?

Your cast iron cooks differently and likely gives food a different flavor than other cooking methods.

Cast iron is a great conductor of heat and it holds heat longer than other metals. More heat retention means more maillard reaction. The maillard reaction is a scientific term for the browning of foods, which changes the chemical makeup of sugars, and fats creating different and often delicious flavors. Think of searing a steak or torching the top of a crème brûlée. In both cases you’re adding heat to change the chemical makeup of fats/sugars to create a different flavor profile.

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