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2021 Vista Outdoor ‘Learning for Life’ Scholarship Recipients Announced

Congratulations to the fifteen outstanding young people who received this year’s Vista Outdoor $1,000 Learning for Life Scholarship!  The Learning for Life Scholarship Program is designed to assist children of Vista Outdoor employees in their pursuit of post-high school education, whether they attend a vocational-technical school, junior college, or four-year college or university.

Congratulations to these students and their parents! 

Isabella Brand
Daughter of Robb Brand | Anoka, MN

Paige Cowan
Daughter of Heather Cowan | Anoka, MN

Cole Devorak
Son of Stacy Devorak | Lewiston, ID

Jazzmine DeBoer
Daughter of Jeffrey DeBoer | Lewiston, ID

Audrey Evans
Daughter of Ronald Evans | Lonoke, AR

Treyton Hardy
​​​​​​​Son of Eric Hardy | Anoka, MN

Stephenie Kelso
Daughter of Mikeal Kelso | Anoka, MN

Kenzie Kutney
Daughter of Jared Kutney | Anoka, MN

Megan Mulrooney
​​​​​​​Daughter of Dona Mulrooney | Anoka, MN

Katherine Nemits
​​​​​​​Daughter of Daniel Nemits | Petaluma, CA

​​​​​​​Evan Pastino
Son of Ronald Pastino | Virginia Beach, VA

Eleanor Phillips
​​​​​​​Daughter of Thomas Phillips | Overland Park, KS

Kyanna Saldana
​​​​​​​Daughter of Arnold Saldana | Scotts Valley, CA

Sarah Schmidt
Daughter of Roger Schmidt | 
Anoka, MN  

Grace Thompson
Daughter of Kent Thompson | Anoka, MN