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When Elephants Raid Your Crops

Peaceful coexistence with wildlife and farmers is possible in Tanzania with support from the Grumeti Fund’s UPLIFT community outreach program.

Wildlife conservation isn’t limited to the protection of endangered animals. It’s also about enriching the lives of the humans who coexist in the area around protected areas. Vista Outdoor’s conservation partner, ACCF (African Community and Conservation Foundation) brought a special community program to our attention that does both.

Grumeti Fund’s “Unlocking Prosperous Livelihoods for Tomorrow” (UPLIFT) program focuses on education, empowerment, environmental awareness and enterprise development. Their research and monitoring department along with our Relationship department (human-wildlife mitigation unit) work together to substantially reduce the elephant raiding of crops planted by farmers living near protected wildlife areas along the boundary of the Grumeti concessions. The fence built by special projects has also significantly helped to combat this issue.

Because farmers’ fields are planted without fences or other barriers, the crops are particularly vulnerable to the movement of animals along the boundary – including crop-raiding elephants, UPLIFT seeks to provide alternative options for families, diversifying the earnings potential outside of farming. ​​​​​​​

Youth education programs include Environmental Education Center, English language camps, environmental clubs, youth education, scholarships, and girls empowerment events. Adult education programs include Enterprise development (guiding and village learning), life skills training, and female empowerment.

UPLIFT’s three-prong approach to community outreach

Classroom of students
Assist youth to achieve higher levels of quality education.


Instructor and students in the field.
Advocate the peaceful coexistence of wildlife and humans.
Field worker picking harvest.
Increase opportunities for greater and more stable income generation.