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A New Logo for Camp Chef

As the customer base and use for smokers and grills evolve, the new logo evolves to keep up with the times.

You’ve heard the adage: “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” Brand teams are continually assessing changes in the market: their customers, their needs, their wants, and of course, the competition.

We asked Ryan Neeley, Camp Chef Marketing Manager shares the reasons behind the transformation.

“While the old logo felt outdated and needed some slight changes to keep up with the times, I think by far the most important reason for the update is that our audience has evolved. Especially the last few years.

Camp Chef started in the camping industry more than 30 years ago, and until recently we never expanded much into the back patio space. Now, our customers are fully embracing Camp Chef products at home but our brand had a huge “camp” feel to it. We did not want to abandon our heritage, actually, we wanted to embrace it so keeping many of the design elements the same was very important. In a nutshell, we needed to welcome everyone who showed up to barbecue, while staying true to our rugged, outdoor roots.

My guess is most people won’t even notice a change, which is a good thing, but more importantly is that we deeply defined who or what Camp Chef is. People from all backgrounds can be brought together around one thing and that is good food. It is something that can unite us all. So at Camp Chef we really hope to bring families, neighbors, and friends together around a memorable meal. That is what Camp Chef is all about. We hope our new branding will reflect that because for the last 30 years our products sure have.”

Camp Chef logoFamilies on the patio enjoying Camp Chef products