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Employee Spotlight: Shahzad Dad


man standing by natureIf you were to list what motivates you in your career, what makes the top of the list?

For Shahzad Dad, Operations Manager with Hunt/Shoot and Ammunition Canada, there are three motivators: new challenges, motivating his team and serving the customer.

Shahzad is responsible for the Canadian operations for Hunt/Shoot as well as Ammunition for Canada. He works with customer service, repairs, product returns, distribution and transportation. He has been with Vista for two years.

Shahzad says he has always been interested in project and process improvement. Twenty-five years ago, when he began his career, there was a great deal of technology and process innovation.

“I found that very exciting and continued to set my vision on working in the supply chain and logistics field,” he explained. But his path might not be as straight as it sounds, as Shahzad veered just enough to develop the skills to become a trained chef and a hiker.

He developed his culinary skills while attending Northeastern University Boston for Engineering. He cooked at several restaurants in Boston, which helped piquing his interest and inspiring him to attend culinary school in the evenings after earning his Engineering degree.

“For me, food and cooking are art forms. I can’t paint or sing so I cook, so cooking is my way of creating art,” he said.

He developed his hiking skills working with summer camps in the Boston area, taking high school student groups to the Appalachian Mountains as a summer job.

Aside from these adventures, Shahzad told of a wild ride he had with his father and younger brother as a younger boy. At just 19, he had an opportunity to drive the Old Silk Route in the Himalayas in a Suzuki 4×4.

“We were on dirt roads for more than 8 hours. The journey was on a narrow single lane dirt road, so incoming traffic would stop for the other driver to pass. The scenery was breathtaking with K2 and Hindu Kush mountains in the background,” Shahzad said.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when looking at the adventures Shahzad has set out for in his life. He and his wife, Sameena, have two children, Aviv – a freshman in college and Emaan – a 9th grader who have enjoyed traveling all of Europe, China, Japan, Pakistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Singapore and Morocco. The family regularly takes time to hike Canadian and U.S. wilderness.

His favorite?

“I have hiked on Cross Canada Trails for over 150 KM through Ontario. It is one of my favorite hiking trails,” he said. “The terrain is just beautiful, with a lot of wildlife.”

Originally from Toronto, Canada, Shahzad continues to push his learning and growth outside of work and adventures with his family.

“In my view, learning is a lifelong journey,” he said. “I read extensively on the subjects of politics, technology and human nature.”

He has taken a great interest in self-organization and productivity, originally introduced to him through a seminar.

“The focus was simplifying self-organization by combining personal and professional aspects of one’s daily life,” he explained. “It transformed how I manage my life — both personally and professionally.”

Seems Shahzad has done a near-perfect job balancing the two aspects of life, giving it all in his role at Vista and making time for family and adventures on the side… A balance we all strive to find.



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“The Trusted Edge” by David Horsanger and “A Time for Mercy” by John Grisham

Action item from your daily routine you’d never leave out?
Never to leave home without breakfast.

Advice from your parents you didn’t take?
Don’t pick up smoking and eat healthy. I lived on junk foods for a year and now I am paying for it!

Most likely to buy in bulk?
Paper towels and tomatoes. I don’t know why but I always do.

What would a day off, by yourself, with no obligations look like?
Watch technology videos on YouTube or listen to a crime fiction audio book.

If you could play a character in a movie, which character would you want to be from what movie?
Matt Damon from Good Will Hunting, my favorite movie. I guess it is the Boston connection.

Accomplishment you’re most proud of that you’ve taken on since COVID?
Proud to have the whole team in Canada adhere to social distancing and PPE use that has led to zero cases of COVID-19 to date.

What does a person need to be happy in your opinion?
Faith in something.

Most special place you’ve been?
Malaga Spain, especially the Pablo Picasso museum and his birth place.

Most interesting job you’ve had?
New startup lead in 3rd Party logistics industry. A very dynamic and exiting job, with a different challenge. I did over 14 startups.