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Bushnell Trail Camera captures footage of the secretive and endangered Okapi.


We are sharing this story because it was shared with us by Walt Whitaker at the Bushnell Factory Outlet in Lenexa, Kansas. Here’s a portion of the email Walt sent along. “Enclosed please find video clips of an Okapi/Congolese Giraffe mother and calf provided to the Bushnell Outlet Store team by Lucas Meers, Conservation Program Officer with the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens in Florida. Our store has sold numerous trail cameras to Professor Matt Hallett, PhD, Assistant Research Professor, Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, Tropical Conservation and Development Program at the University of Florida and his colleagues (including Lucas) at the Jacksonville Zoo for their Scientific and Environmental research.”

The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens supports the Okapi Conservation Project in the Okapi Wildlife Reserve in the Democratic Republic of Congo in central Africa. Bushnell Trail Cameras were set up at the Okapi Wildlife Reserve to record Okapi in their natural habitat. The secretive nature of okapi and the difficulty most humans have of traveling in their habitat have made okapi hard to observe in the wild. Therefore, researchers can only estimate how many okapis live there. That’s a reason why it’s valuable to have recorded footage of adults and their young.

Watch this short video to get a better view of the elusive Okapi. (Recorded by Bushnell Trail cams)​​​​​​  Watch other videos from the Okapi Reserve on YouTube.

Members of the camera team at the Okapi Wildlife Reserve
The camera trap team at the Okapi Wildlife Reserve in the Democratic Republic of Congo.