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Employee Spotlight: Charles Wratten


man and woman on the beachThere’s a chance Remington employees hear an Irishish accent echo through the plant on occasion. If not – it’s bound to be a trend in the future.

Charles Wratten, Environment Manager at Remington, has a background with the Arkansas State Parks system. He started on the production floor at Remington nearly five years ago, quickly became a supervisor and was recently promoted to manager.

“Since coming to work at Remington, I wanted to do more. We’ve had challenges, which were opportunities I took to grow exponentially adaptive and humble,” he said.

Charles is transitioning from his supervisory role with primer manufacturing, where he coordinated team members to produce finished primers for ammunition. In his new position, he will maintain environmental control regulatory permitting, air quality compliance, hazardous waste and pollutant discharge, water distribution permits and manage site wildlife.

He listed his leadership at Remington as one of his life’s greatest accomplishments.

“Being the oldest of five, I have always naturally wanted to be a leader,” he said. “I have commanded many crews, but none ever so humbling as supervising our team in primer manufacturing. The patience and humility gained here have truly been life changing.”

Charles started hunting and target shooting at a very young age, which is what led him to his line of work. He was five when his dad taught him how to use his first BB gun, a perfect path to claiming ‘marksmanship’ as a secret talent in adulthood.

Six kids sitting on a fence
Combined, Charles and Mindy have six children.

But his marksmanship and career development isn’t the only thing he has been brushing up on. Charles has been working on his Russian, English, Irish, and Australian accents, which, he says, started as a joke for his grandfather who immigrated from England.

“My friends and kids get a kick out of how many different accents I can do,” he said.

Charles is married to Mindy, a critical care cardiac nurse. Together, the two of them are raising six amazing kids: Alex, Faith, Hunter, Lilee, Mason, and Kinsley.

According to Charles, each of their kids show attributes of a good leader – but it appears as though Charles’ Irish ‘character’ hasn’t gotten passed down. Yet.



Last read:
“The Sphere” by Michael Crichton

Your New Year’s Resolution?
I sometimes expect others to know and understand what I am trying to relay, whether it be a task or feeling. I cannot expect others to understand how things are in my head, so I plan to communicate more effectively.

Best advice you’ve gotten and applied?
“Your reward is relative to the work you present.” -My Grandfather, Bob Wratten

Winning Behavior you relate to most?
Attitude. Success in any field or objective starts with a positive attitude.

Best adventure?
My first trip out of North America was to The Philippines. I have since been many places, but that first trip was so awe inspiring and I remember thinking, “Wow, this is what a real adventure is.”

Favorite things to do with your family?
Kayak, hike, target shoot, mountain bike.

Most interesting job you’ve had?
I travelled all over the U.S. and internationally working on upgrading hydroelectric and coal burning generators.

What would a day off, by yourself, with no obligations look like?
I live at the edge of the Ouachita Mountains, so I like to find a point on Google Maps and hike there. You can really clear your mind on a good ole hike!

Best concert you’ve been to?
It would be a tie between the George Strait Country Music Festival at War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock, AR and Nine Inch Nails at the Orpheum in Memphis, TN. I had amazing seats at both and the shows were AWEsome!

What a person needs to be happy?
Purpose and appreciation. It is that simple for me.