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Families of Federal, CCI and Speer

Rick Stoeckel and his daughter Brittany (Stoeckel) Revolte
Brittany (Stoeckel) Revolte with her father, Rick Stoeckel.

Sharing stories of employees with family roots in the business. ​​​​​​​

In the latest installment of the Straight Shooter newsletter “Families of Federal, CCI and Speer” series, we sat down with the Stoeckels to hear what it’s like raised with family around the factory.

First Generation
Lawrence Stoeckel, started work as an adjuster in shotshell in Anoka, Minnesota in the late 1950s, retiring from the company in the late ‘70s.

Second Generation
Growing up with his dad in the business, Rick Stoeckel, now a Director of Brand Management overseeing shotshell, rimfire and powder at Federal, didn’t overlap at Federal professionally with his father, yet Stoeckel’s pride in his father’s work and the company is obvious.

“It’s very special to take part of your heritage with you to work each day,” said Stoeckel. “People take a lot of pride in this company and I’m the same way…you want to leave a legacy when you leave. Not just those who came before you, but it’s really about the people coming after you and doing all you can to make sure that they will have a solid job and place to work into the future.”

Third Generation
Rick’s children, Brittany, Ryan and Leah have all worked summers for Federal. Brittany (Stoeckel) Revolte continues the tradition as a Buyer/Planner. “To be part of where my dad has been working for a long time, it’s a lot of fun,” said Brittany. “I get to see and relate to my dad in a different way.”

“I’ve learned new things from Brittany,” said Stoeckel. “Even though I’ve been here much longer than she has, I get recognized as ‘Brittany’s Dad.’ She is widely known as a hard-working real go-to employee at Federal and that makes me very proud of her.”

Reflecting on Federal’s upcoming 100-year anniversary, Stoeckel said, “In a day and age when you don’t see much tenure at companies, you see that here. I get a good feeling about our family and the company. It says a lot about a good solid company that takes care of their people and makes them want to stay with the company for a long time.”