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No Water Fountains in School? No Problem

CCI/Speer comes up with a ‘brand family’ solution for local students.

When CCI/Speer in Lewiston, Idaho heard that the Clarkston and Asotin area schools had shut off water fountains as a preventative measure during the COVID pandemic, they did what a great community partner does – delivered a solution.

Hydration, CamelBak style
With help from another Vista brand, CamelBak, CCI/Speer ordered 1,000 water bottles for students! Local business partner Fortis Solutions Group donated the CCI/Speer labels that the Centerfire Metal Parts team put on the bottles and delivered them to the schools.

Two employees in masks with boxes of water bottles.
Dave Montosa, CFMP Supervisor, in red and masked for safety, dropped off CamelBak bottles to local schools.