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Employee Spotlight: Mike Elliott

Mike Elliott doesn’t sit still for very long. In fact, it seems as though Mike is performing a consistent balancing act.

Between leading a successful team from Bushnell in Overland Park, KS, for the Hunting and Shooting Accessories and Golf Businesses, watching his two girls compete in sports, offering financial counseling for couples and greeting at church, you might find Mike on his daily run, fishing, shooting targets or playing a round of golf.

If it sounds like his life is a scramble, you’re wrong. He’s quite organized, and his role with the company is proof.

man in boat holding fishElliott is the Vice President of Global Operations. He has been with the company for just over three years leading inventory procurement, manufacturing, quality, warranty repair, inventory planning and forecasting, customer/consumer services, distribution, global logistics/ocean carrier negotiations and E-Commerce/DTC fulfillment operations. He is also responsible for the strategy, execution/service, safety, costs and executive reporting.

So – in other words – he’s very organized.

“I’ve always wanted to be in operations. I enjoy working with people, improving operations, supporting innovation, empowering people to deliver results, and providing exceptional customer service, internally and externally,” Mike said.

But, before you go off thinking Mike doesn’t take a risk or step out of his very organized comfort zone, you might be surprised to learn two things.

His walk down the aisle was nothing short of adventurous. Mike and his fiancé at the time (now his wife) relocated from Kansas City to Pennsylvania, as Mike was assigned to integrate a business his company had purchased. The couple spent weekends sightseeing in the region, visiting areas like Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, Lincoln/Jefferson/Washington Memorials, museums and the Baltimore Inner Harbor. All was great, but planning a Kansas City wedding from Philly proved to be very difficult. A quick change of plans solved that issue pretty quickly.

“We flew to Vegas (with our closest family and friends) to get married. This was a very adventurous time in my life,” he said. “We’ve been married 22 years. And no, Elvis did not marry us.”

His adventurous spirit carries over to another area of life most co-workers likely don’t know about him. For roughly 10 years he and his family have financially supported two families and two young adults as missionaries. One of these families lived with the Elliotts consistently for six months and then on and off for the next three years.

“While it was hard hosting a family, we heard updates, stories of the lives impacted, and we felt connected to that. There was a big sense of fulfillment,” he explained.

Mike’s major career milestones include co-directing an initiative that re-engineered the Supply Chain operation for a Fortune 500 company, resulting in significant service improvements and savings. He also completed an international leadership program which included studies in Palo Alto, CA at a Think Tank, studies at the IESE Business School at the University of Navarra (Barcelona, Spain) and a week of studies in Espoo, Finland – an opportunity Mike says was a tremendous learning experience with real business applications.

And closer to home and in everyday life, Mike pushes his team to be nimble and competitive.

“My teams have accepted the challenge. Proof is in the financial and process improvements, as well as our ability to support the tremendous sales demand this year with our division,” he said.

Seems this leader and staple in the Bushnell organization has taught his teams how to perform that perfect balancing act, too.


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Climb a mountain or jump out of a plane?
I’d climb a mountain.

Who would you like to swap places with for a day?
Dave Ramsey

Advice to a younger you?
Don’t use credit cards as a young adult. It took me years to pay them off but it taught me some valuable lessons around financial management.

Your secret talent?
I co-taught Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University and I’ve done financial counseling with couples.

What would a day off, by yourself, with no obligations include?
I love to fish and I enjoy running. I run 2-3 miles a day 4-5 days per week. So I’d run, fish, play a round of golf and shoot targets.

What a person need to be happy:
For me, it’s faith in God and time with my family.

Claim to Fame?
Managing and leading operations with the ability to get things done.

Scale of 1-10, rate your driving:
I’m a good driver. I’d rate myself as a 10 at driving but my family says I’m a terrible “back seat driver.”

Bucket List Item?
I love to fish. I want a lake house someday.