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Employee Spotlight: Melanie McIntyre


woman sitting in an officeNot everyone can say their career choice was declared at a yard sale. But Melanie McIntyre made a deal on the spot.

“My mother tells me I picked up a law book at a garage sale and declared that I wanted to be a lawyer. I knew nothing about the law, but what I knew – or thought I knew – is that lawyers drove fancy cars. I wanted a Lamborghini and thought being a lawyer would result in my having one.”

Through hard work, determination and following her heart, McIntyre achieved her dream of becoming a lawyer, first earning a BA in Administration of Justice from the University of Missouri-Kansas City and then receiving a JD from the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law.

Now, McIntyre lists becoming a lawyer as one of life’s greatest accomplishments thus far, and she’s happy to report she drives a Buick. In her role as Associate General Counsel, McIntyre provides legal support for Vista brands, assisting the businesses in mitigating risk and making strategic business decisions.

While she enjoys her work at Vista, she says being a mother of two is the most difficult and rewarding job she ever had. Alonzo (32), is married and lives in Wichita, Kansas, and Makenzie (13) is very active in club basketball and volleyball (and, of course, Snapchat).

When not at work (and commonly on her lunch break), McIntyre enjoys running. She has completed more 5K to 15K races than she can count in the Overland Park, Kansas, and Kansas City, Missouri metro area. Prior to COVID-19, she hoped to run a half marathon in 2020 and a full marathon in 2021: plans that have taken a different course.

But her motivation might surprise you. For McIntyre, it’s all about the hardware.

“Those rinky-dink medals I get after a race gets me going. The cooler the medal, the more likely I am to sign up.”

But those small rewards help her achieve big results. No wonder being handed that post-race medal (or that law degree!) feels so good.



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Your most interesting job?
In college I was an obituary writer for the Kansas City Star.

Your claim to fame?
I’m the first college graduate in my family.

Most likely to buy in bulk?
I don’t generally buy in bulk. I shop for what I need when I need it.

In your opinion, what does a person need to be happy?
Family and friends who love and support them.

Favorite Junk Food?
Pretty much anything in the Willy Wonka line of candy.