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A Veteran’s Letter of Thanks

An ammo order, with an unexpected note of thanks from Federal, inspired retired USAF SMSgt Eric M. Welling to send his own note of appreciation.

Federal ammunition is available for purchase on ExpertVoice, an online learning platform that offers their “expert” members product discounts. One of their expert groups is military members and veterans.

For Federal orders placed by a military member or veteran, Federal included a note of thanks from Ammunition president, Jason Vanderbrink, along with a hat and custom flag patch.

One of those orders was placed by retired USAF Senior Master Sergeant Eric M. Welling who sent the following message to Jason and all Federal employees.

Mr. Vanderbrink,

 I hope this email finds you well.  I just wanted to take a moment to say thank-you for the unexpected package I received on my doorstep yesterday from Federal Ammunition.  It was sent to me as a thank-you for my purchase of Federal Ammunition through Expert Voice, as a military veteran.  

 As I sit here and think about it, you didn’t just say thank-you to me in that gift.  My family has over 130 years of combined military service.  You paid honor to my grandpa’s 20 years of service with the Army Air Corps and Air Force, he was a WWII Vet.  You paid honor to my dad’s 30 years of service with the Navy and Army, he is a Vietnam and Desert Storm Vet.  You paid honor to my father-in-law’s 25 years of service with the Army, he is a Desert Storm Vet.  You paid honor to my 25 years of service with the Air Force, I retired in March 2018 and am an Operations JOINT FORGE (Bosnia) and IRAQI FREEDOM (Kuwait) Vet.  My wife is currently active duty and serving in the Air Force as a Chief Master Sergeant.  I have other family members who have served as well. 

My family and I never served out of obligation or in seeking thanks for what we chose to do.  We served for love of country and a way to take care of our families.  I will tell you this though, Veterans are always appreciative of a thank-you even if it’s just a handshake.  So in turn, I offer my thanks for your recognition of our service.

 Federal ammo has been my go-to for a long time now.  Federal Premium 160 Nosler Partitions (7mm Rem Mag) is what my gun likes so that’s what I feed it.  They’ve never failed me and always quickly and humanely taken down the animals I’ve hunted.  I have a mule deer hunt in November here in Nebraska and an Aoudad hunt in December in West Texas.  Several Vista Outdoor products will be with me and Federal ammo will for sure be in the chamber.

 Negativity seems to reign these days so I hope this thank-you is something positive in your day.  If it’s possible, please pass on my thanks to Federal Ammo employees as well.  They aren’t just making ammo, they’re making memories from a day at the range to a long-awaited hunt. 

Sincerely and Respectfully,

SMSgt Eric M. Welling, USAF (Ret)     

Jim Welling and Eric Welling at Eric's Air Force retirement ceremony
“The picture is from my retirement ceremony. My Dad, Jim Welling, is a retired Army CW4 and enlisted me into the Air Force in 1993. Since he enlisted me I asked him to retire me as well.”