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Employee Spotlight: Trevor Clements


Trevor Clements’ teammates describe him as efficient. Productive. Organized. Qualities that put him on a straight path to his Director of Operations role at Camp Chef.

What his coworkers might not know is that Clements’ life outside of work shows he would have been an ideal engineer. He can solve a Rubik’s Cube in 45 seconds, builds recurve bows by hand in his spare time and teaches himself new skills that pique his interest. They also probably wouldn’t know that he turned down an engineering scholarship years ago and instead took a path he is beyond grateful for today.

It’s true: Clements grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah and turned down a full-ride at Utah State to attend the University of Utah in pursuit of a career in the medical field. After earning a biology degree, his life compass changed to his family and his career got a start in procurement with a health care provider in Salt Lake City.

Years later, a Camp Chef job posting caught his eye. A long-time user and admirer of Camp Chef equipment, he knew the job was something he’d enjoy.

Clements joined Camp Chef in 2014 as a buyer on the eCommerce team. Through dedication to learning, accepting more responsibility and stepping up to the plate repeatedly, Clements was promoted to eCommerce sales manager, and then to Director of Operations in January 2020.

But digging in and diving deep is not only something that’s second nature to Clements, it’s what got him where he is today.
“I’m proud of what I have accomplished at Camp Chef, the confidence it has given me and the opportunities to grow and realize my own potential,” he said. “I’m grateful and excited to look back to the last six years and see where I

started and where I’ve come… to see Camp Chef’s growth and success and the runway we still have. We have good years ahead of us. I’m excited to be a part of it.”
When he’s not at work, Clements spends time woodworking, crafting wood and fiberglass longbows and recurve bows. It’s one of the many things he taught himself after seeing his grandfather experiment with woodworking.

“Each longbow takes about 100 hours from start to finish,” he explained. “I like the sense of accomplishment at the end – to say it’s something I learned, something I built. I like to get into the nitty gritty and do things myself.”

Clements is working toward earning his MBA to be more proficient in what Camp Chef needs and fill in the gaps his biology degree left in his education as he continues strong and steady in his operations career.



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Bucket List Destination?
Alaska. Never been, and it truly fits my lifestyle and interests.

Favorite city?
San Diego. We visited my uncle there growing up, so it’s a special place with good family memories. It is always beautiful weather, a beautiful city. It’s a really enjoyable place.

Best summertime activity?
Being outdoors… hunt, fish, camp, get out of the house. I spend about 30 days a year camping including hunting and fishing trips. I try to be in the wilderness as much as I can, with my kids when possible.