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Employee Spotlight: Rochelle Poore


Woman stands by window with arms crossedRochelle Poore is a 20+ year engineer at Federal. She started as a plastics engineer and switched to accessories, leading product development and sourcing for several brands. She returned to ammo and was the Program Manager for Factory of the Future before moving to her current role where she leads and implements all ammo strategic activities, including custom shop development.

While this might sound like a typical successful career, there’s a big accomplishment the humble Poore leaves out unless one digs: the development of a premium product that Federal, nor its customers, will ever forget.

At an industry tradeshow, multiple customers requested a more affordable, high-performance waterfowl load.

Poore began experimenting with a standard steel shot in a FliteControl wad when she ran into a ballistics technician as he was finishing a test on an unusual shot. He informed her it wasn’t testing well and didn’t pattern well. It was about to get thrown out.

Poore worked with a mixture of the new shot (now known as Flitestopper Steel) and standard steel until it shot the patterns they wanted. During this time, she realized the “value product” she set out to design was a total flop, and instead, Federal would be going to market with an ultra premium product.

In the mix of the trials and development, Poore was requested at a meeting in the board room. There, the company president and the director of marketing asked how the development was progressing. Poore informed them that while it “wasn’t quite there yet,” they were working on it. When asked if she could make it work, she answered with confidence.

“I believe I can,” she said. At that point, the group informed her of the marketing campaign they had developed and told her they were ready to launch it… before the product was finished! They even had a name chosen for it already: Black Cloud.

“No pressure,” Poore joked, and got back to work, eventually putting together the perfect mixture of steel and pairing it with the FliteControl wad. It hit the market and without much time became one of Federal’s top products to date.

When asked “what’s next” for her in terms of product development, Poore says she is more focused on where the ammo business can go next. That said, the Custom Shop is a great home for her.

Poore’s story is a great example of how flexibility, innovation and a twist of fate can lead to what our company should now coin as “Poore outcome” – a total success!



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Almonds. I eat a ton of almonds.

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“Retail’s Seismic Shift” and the Eleanor Roosevelt biography. I love biographies and I think she is absolutely fascinating.

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Australia! I went last summer.

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Biking, golf, paddleboarding, hiking – just about anything outside makes me happy. At the end of the day I’d go for a swim and read next to the pool.