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Why the Great American Outdoors Act can Unite our Country

Fred Ferguson, VP of Public Affairs for Vista Outdoor was published in the Deseret News, a leading newspaper in Salt Lake City, Utah. Fred’s piece was about Vista Outdoor’s support for the Great American Outdoors Act. This legislation is moving through Congress and would make major investments in our nation’s national parks and public lands infrastructure.

The legislation has an added benefit of bringing together Republicans and Democrats at a time when bipartisan victories are needed (and lacking). The bipartisanship improved the bill and expanded the outdoor benefits to all corners of America.

In the legislation, programs are established and funded that support park and open space development in rural and urban locations. Too often outdoor benefits are concentrated in rural or suburban areas while urban centers are left out. Through this bill, outdoor opportunities are expanded to more locations, which puts the outdoors at the forefront of changing American and bringing together all races, creeds and orientations.

Vista Outdoor has a role to play in this change, and we are committed to changing from within and improving our record on diversity, inclusion and equity. This change will take time, but we are eager to begin and view the Great American Outdoors Act is a starting point of a new tomorrow.

landscape view of a lake surrounded by mountains.