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Mackleit, CCI/Speer Team, Drip Coffee to Lewiston Emergency Responders

Bill Mackleit, Senior Operations Director at CCI & Speer, and the CCI/ Speer team gifted professionals on the front lines with coffee gift cards last week. The team gave over 725 coffee gift cards to more than a dozen first responder locations including medical clinics, fire departments and police stations. Each gift card is redeemable at one of Lewiston’s local coffee shops – another act of support in the community.

Three men stand with an envelope in front of a fire station
Left to Right: Mike Overberg, Bill Mackleit and Chief Myklebust, Lewiston Fire Department, gather for a photo after one of CCI/Speer’s deliveries.

“It was our way to say ‘Thank You’,” Mackleit said. “In times when our communities need a lift, the smallest gestures – like a cup of coffee – build spirits.”

Because of the COVID-19 restrictions, some locations were not easily accessible but after a few determined phone calls, all destinations accepted the cards.

“There was overwhelming appreciation,” Mackleit said. “It was heartwarming for the team presenting the gift cards.”

CCI & Speer also recognized emergency room staff at Tri-State Memorial Hospital (Clarkston, WA) and St. Joseph Hospital (Lewiston, ID) on Monday, April 6. To say thank you for what they do to keep the community safe, CCI/Speer provided lunch to each location’s ER staff working day and swing shifts.

Way to go, team Lewiston!