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Federal Donates N-95 Masks to Local Hospitals

Federal has a rich tradition of giving back to the community. In this time of crisis called the COVID-19 pandemic, of course, you can expect Federal to step up and help.

Hospitals are welcoming donations of medical equipment that is in short supply: masks, face shields, etc. Facilities are receiving donations, but most of the donated masks are cloth masks. Cloth masks are not regulated as surgical masks. However, N-95 respirator masks are FDA approved and regulated by the CDC for health care personnel during procedures to protect both the patient and health care personnel.

When employees at Federal found out about the need for N-95 masks, Anoka Operations came up with two cases of N-95 masks from Federal’s inventory.

These cases (100 masks each) were delivered to two local hospitals: Mercy Hospital and Cambridge Medical Center.

As it turns out, two Federal employees’ spouses work at Mercy and Cambridge hospitals. Continuous Improvement Technician Tim Ryman’s wife, Kristi, works at Mercy Hospital and Pistol Supervisor Adam Schorer’s wife, Caitlin, works at Cambridge Medical Center.

​​​​​​​Both hospitals were very appreciative of Federal’s donations.

Four nurses hold boxes of N-95 masks and thank you notes to Federal.
Cambridge Medical Center nurses, including Adam Schorer’s wife, Catilin, second from right.
Federal employee delivering a case of N-95 masks to Mercy Hospital staff.
Tim Ryman delivering masks to his wife, Kristi, at Mercy Hospital.