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Federal Gets Radio Play for Veteran Support

This isn’t the first time Federal has taken the spotlight on Minnesota Military Radio.

Host Tom Lyons interviewed Federal employees Erik Carlson, Senior Director of Operations, Mark Hyland, Operations Manager and Dennis Angell, Federal retiree. The discussion focused around Federal’s long-time and continued support for Minnesota’s large network of veteran service organizations. During the interview, Erik shared that over 10% of the Federal workforce are veterans.

This year alone, Federal will provide donations to a youth camp at Fort Ripley for 400 attendees, a Norwegian Soldier Exchange with Minnesota Army National Guardsmen, Minnesota Military Family Foundation golf tournaments, Shoot for the Troops, Anoka Vietnam Veterans Rifle Squad, and the Commander’s Task Force comprised of the nine Minnesota veterans service organizations.

Dennis, a United States Marine Corps veteran, took a good-natured Marine ribbing by host Tom Lyons. Mark is also a former Army National Guardsman.

​​​​​​​It’s an entertaining and informative 20 minutes’ worth the listen.

3 Federal employees with Minnesota Military Radio host sitting at a table with radio ear phones.
L to R: Erik Carlson, Tom Lyons, Dennis Angell, Mark Hyland