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Federal Builds Relationships with Minnesota Elected Officials

Federal Ammunition hosted legislative leaders and staff from the Minnesota Legislature, Anoka County Commission, and the National Shooting Sports Foundation for a briefing and tour of the factory. The purpose of the visit was to educate the policymakers on the economic, national security, and recreational impacts Federal has on the local, state, and national levels. Among the topics discussed were Federal’s state-of-the-art manufacturing process and workforce, use of lead and corresponding policies we deploy that support cleanliness and safety, and the need to review and update state hunting regulations in the face of advancing ammunition innovation.

Thanks to Federal tour guides, Jon Zinnel, Conservation Manager (pictured far left in the group photo); JJ Reich, Senior Manager, Press Relations; Erik Carlson, Senior Director, Operations; and Steve Rodgers, Senior Manager, Product Safety.

Group photo of Federal employee with Minnesota elected officials and staff.