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CamelBak President Featured in Forbes Magazine

Forbes asked the outdoor industry’s top executives to weigh in on the best adventure destinations for 2020. Selected destinations include far-reaching areas around the world including the Azores, the Arctic Circle, Argentina … and well-known and not-so-well-known locations within the United States.

CamelBak President Greg Williamson selected “a truly hidden gem and one worth exploring.” Here is Greg’s excerpt from the story.Image of Greg Williamson

Where: The Boundary Waters, Minnesota

Who: Greg Williamson, President for CamelBak

Why: In today’s world there are so few places where you can truly disconnect from all the noise and distractions of the modern world, particularly here in the US. The Boundary Waters provides that opportunity in one of the most dynamic and lush settings you can find in North America. Having lived most of my life in the southern and western parts of the US, I had not even heard of this incredible place until I moved to Minneapolis. Most people immediately associate Minnesota with the frigid temperatures and the long winter months where ice fishing and snowmobiling are popular on one of the many lakes. And while that is true, the Boundary Waters is an oasis that in the summer provides an unbelievable combination of canoeing, serene lakes, beautiful foliage and fantastic fishing. Because of the vastness of the area, it is easy to chart your own journey and retreat into the wilderness to spend much needed quiet time and really connect with the setting. It is truly a hidden gem and one worth exploring if getting off the grid for a few days is your goal.

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Panoramic image of the Boundary Waters Canoe area with water, trees and sky.