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C-Preme Partnership Helps Kids Safely Roll into the New Year

This year, an 8-year-old girl will receive her first bike paired with a Raskullz helmet.

Just like any other kid, that little girl will struggle to contain her excitement. She will proceed to make a million memories on a bike that will very well shape her youth – all thanks to C-Preme partnering with the Siemon Family Youth & Community Center Salvation Army in South Central Los Angeles.

The Salvation Army’s annual “Toy N’ Joy” holiday toy distribution event gives away bike helmets, bike accessories and other toys to less fortunate youth living in the impoverished community. This year over 2,000 kids were pre-registered, and families began lining up at 5:00 a.m. for a chance to take home two Christmas gifts per child. This is the third consecutive year C-Preme has joined in the event.

According to Brian Downes, Senior Product Manager at Bell, C-Preme bike helmet and accessories were a huge hit, largely because they are given to families where head protection is considered a luxury.

Brian spoke with one family who was lucky enough to receive a bike and a Raskullz helmet and described how excited their 8-year-old girl would be when she inherits the bike as a gift.

“The vibe at the event was incredible,” Brian said. “The executive director of the center personally thanked C-Preme for continued support of the program.


Montage of images of children with helmets and bikes.