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Camp Chef Answers All Things Smoked Turkey

Thanksgiving smoked turkey, ala pellet grill. If you’ve got questions, Camp Chef has answers for a smokin’ good holiday.

Each year, Camp Chef gets a flood of questions about using a pellet grill to make a holiday turkey. This year, they’ve published The Book of Turkey on their website with tips and tricks for preparing and cooking the perfect turkey. You’ll find tips and tricks with illustrations to help you select the right size turkey to carving your turkey like a pro!

Wet Brine or Dry Brine?  That is the question, answered!
Watch this two and a half minute Camp Chef video. Caytlin from Cayt’s Meats and Meals, a frequent contributor, shows you both ways and then you decide for yourself!

Keep watching for additional Camp Chef videos on other great tips for your Thanksgiving turkey, including spatchcocked turkey.

Don’t have a pellet grill? Camp Chef can help.