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BLACKHAWK Pack Worthy of Two Presidents

Sharing satisfied customer stories is always a pleasure. This is right up there with the most interesting.

George Wenstrom, technical customer service rep for BLACKHAWK in Manhattan, Montana, took a call from a customer saying how happy he was with his much-used BLACKHAWK 3-Day Assault Pack. The customer, a retired Navy fighter pilot, reached out to ask about either getting the pack repaired (the bottom had ripped out) or replaced because of the pack’s life-time warranty. That led to a conversation about the pilot and the pack’s back story.

The pilot served four years as a military aide to both President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama. His BLACKHAWK pack accompanied him on every detail.

George gladly sent the pilot a new 3-Day Assault Pack. The pilot, in return, sent the BLACKHAWK team his “retired” pack, that included his tag with the Presidential insignia for display at the Manhattan facility.

The pilot, who asked that his name not be shared, included a note with the pack. “I got great use out of this pack as a fighter pilot and working at the White House. Your pack has taken some abuse, but rest assured it has distinguished itself in its versatility and the content it has contained.”

You can order your own 3-Day Assault Pack online now.