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All American Trap Shooter Coached by Vista Employee

Federal ambassador Grayson Stuart learned a thing or two about shooting from Jon Zinnel. BTW, that is Grayson, not Jon in the photo!

In June, Lee Kay Shooting Range in Salt Lake City, Utah hosted a training session for its members. The trainer is 14-year old Grayson Stuart. Stuart, a soon to be four-time ATA All-American and Federal ambassador provided attendees, mostly older than him, with plenty of tips to improve their shooting.

Grayson holds two national ATA records – Youngest on record at 11 years, 4 months and 18 days to shoot 100 straight handicap targets and 100 straight single targets on the same day. Youngest on record at 11 years, 5 months and 5 days to shoot 200 straight singles.

What this video doesn’t say, is that before Jon Zinnel, Education, Conservation and Community Relations Manager joined Vista Outdoor in 2016, he used to be a youth shooting coach in Utah. Jon coached hundreds of young shooters, included Grayson Stuart. At the time, Grayson was around nine years old. Jon continues to work with Grayson even though he lives across the country.

It’s coaches like Jon, who take time to share their passion for the shooting sports, that will help bring a love of shooting to the next generation.
All American shooter Grayson Stuart smiling by trophy and Vista employee Jon Zinnel smiling during a hunt.