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CCI/Speer’s Lewiston, Idaho Facility Celebrates Safety Milestone

CCI/Speer is proud to kick off National Safety Month with a safety milestone at its Lewiston, Idaho facility. The facility’s Quality Department recently reached 14 years of injury-free operation. This means 160 employees worked nearly 1.1 million hours shooting and testing nearly 50 million rounds of ammunition without any OSHA recordable injuries.

Bill Mackleit, Sr. Director, Factory Division Operations in Lewiston, says safety in Lewiston’s Quality Department is not a ‘check the box’ exercise.

“Safety is deeply engrained in our culture,” said Mackleit. “The alliance between engaged employees and servant leaders allow injury-free environments and safety-conscious cultures like ours to exist.”

Mackleit explained the department has safety regulations: All Lewiston employees engage in process improvement and submit safety observations. Leaders serve others to ensure safety observations are abated. Leaders complete an annual safety scorecard. Employees complete ergonomic assessments, lockout tagout audits, safety training sessions and departmental audits annually. All safety concerns are worthy of timely, corrective action.

“Each of these guidelines are key in keeping employees engaged in making improvements,” Mackleit said.