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Founder’s Mentality Creates Energy Cost Savings

BLACKHAWK! employees’ idea leads to annual energy cost savings of nearly $55,000. But that’s not all …

Manhattan, Montana maintenance employees Chris Rivenbark and Bob Kolp completed the install of a new energy efficient air compressor. NorthWestern Energy recognized this project as a significant energy saving and provided the facility with a check for $50,000. The money will help offset the cost of the new compressor by more than 70% and save the facility approximately $55,000 per year in energy costs.

Lamont Kotter, operations manager, credits the maintenance team, “It was their idea. They took it to our energy supplier, got their buy-in and then made it happen. This project is a great example of what happens when everyone is engaged in improving the business year over year.”


L to R: Chris Rivenbark, Maintenance leader for Manhattan, Montana, receiving the incentive check from Rick Edwards, a representative for NorthWestern Energy.