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Letter to the Editor Thanks Vista Outdoor

Imagine turning to the Opinions section of the newspaper and finding our company name on one of the Letters to the Editor. The October 16 Letters to the Editor section of The Lewiston Tribune included a posting titled, “Valley benefactor.” The post, written by a citizen of the area, thanked Vista Outdoor for supporting the community. Thank you, Ken Jacks, for taking the time to acknowledge our CCI/Speer employees at Lewiston, Idaho for their volunteerism.

Valley benefactor              Letter to the Editor – October 16, 2016.
Reprinted, with permission, from The Lewiston Tribune, Lewiston, Idaho.

I doubt if most valley residents have any idea of the huge positive impact that Vista Outdoor Inc., has on our valley.

Not only is it a major employer within the valley, Vista is a generous supporter of the Lewis-Clark Friends of the NRA, The Appleseed Program that promotes safe shooting instruction, the Lewis-Clark Wildlife Club that operates the shooting range out on the South Tom Beall Road near Lapwai, Boy Scouts and, especially, Family Promise.

Family Promise is an organization that provides support to homeless families so that they can transition into jobs and housing within the valley with almost a 100 percent success rate.

Vista has supported Family Promise with donations for fundraisers and also volunteers to help complete the newly acquired transitional house unit.

Thank you, Vista Outdoor, for all that you do.

Ken Jacks

Lewiston employees volunteer at Family Promise event.