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Vista Outdoor Announces New Conservation Campaign


Back in February, we asked for your ideas on what to name our company’s conservation campaign. After receiving nearly 200 suggestions, going through the judging process, and conducting an extensive legal review, we’ve settled upon the winning name: Conservation Counts.

The name was selected because it speaks to our broad scope of efforts in conservation. In short, all conservation counts. From Federal Premium to Savage to Bushnell to CamelBak to Action Sports, our brands have made a commitment to protecting our natural resources and helping outdoor enthusiasts responsibly enjoy the activities of their choice. Vista Outdoor is proud to act as a bridge for all conservation efforts because they all matter.

We also designed a logo for the campaign that speaks to our conservation strategy. The “water droplet and leaf” icon evokes the imagery of yin and yang, the symbol of balance or harmony. It shows our commitment to both clean water and a healthy earth. The white line separating the droplet and the leaf symbolizes a mountain path. Taken together, the logo shows the breadth of where our products are used: on the water, in the fields and woods, and on the mountain. The red and blue text demonstrates the bi-partisan nature of conservation and our company’s desire to work with all of those who believe in protecting the outdoors for people to enjoy.

The Conservation Counts name will be used in our social media efforts to promote conservation and is included in our newly updated Corporate Social Responsibility page. We’ll use the name as an umbrella to capture all of our conservation efforts.


Congratulations to Raluca Picht from Vista Outdoor’s Marketing team, who submitted the winning name. We hear she’ll be using her new Bushnell binoculars as she goes hiking this fall in northern California. Thanks Raluca for helping us share our message of conservation and enjoy your trip!