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Three Young Attendees recap Whittington Adventure Camp

From June 26 through July 8, Vista Outdoor offered a grant for three dependents of employees to attend Whittington Center Adventure Youth Camp. 

The three kids Eli Carson, son of Kris Carson (Remington), Andrew Schroeder, son of Matt Schroeder (Federal) and Amiya Wagenmann, stepdaughter of Adam Blalock (Speer) had a blast camping, shooting archery and firing rifles, pistols and shotguns.

Eli Carson described the set up.

"The camp was in two-day segments. We would spend time learning, then we'd have competitions," he said. "The instructors were amazing, counselors were fun and very nice."

Between learning and competing, the group camped in the mountains, and many of the kids agreed they hadn't experienced anything like it.

"I've never done anything like this. The only thing that comes close is church camp. I'm excited I got to learn, and especially had fun shooting different guns," said Eli. Eli says he had two favorites of the trip, shooting a 'very special' 45 Long Colt Revolver and also shooting the mile with a rifle. 

Adam spoke on behalf of his stepdaughter.

"My daughter had a blast at camp and met a lot of new friends," he said.

Andrew Schroeder says he learned many new things, met a lot of people, and had a blast.

"It is a memory I will never forget and I recommend other people go. I might even go back myself as a counselor next year," he said.