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Common Ground with Little Bellas

On Nov. 17, the Vista Outdoor Foundation announced its 2021 Grant Partners. The Foundation’s Board of Directors chose ten organizations that promote conservation, encourage youth and veteran participation in outdoor sports, and work to improve diversity and inclusion in the outdoors. The recipients received over $600,000 in grant funding.

Now, we’re doing a deep dive into the organization so our employees and external stakeholders can learn more about the Foundation’s partners, their missions and how they put their grant to use. This month’s Common Ground feature highlights the excellent work of Little Bellas.

Little Bellas, Jericho, VT
Website: LittleBellas.com

Why Little Bellas?

“The Vista Outdoor Foundation is proud to support Little Bellas, as its purpose aligns perfectly with the Vista Outdoor mission,” said Steve Nadler, VP, Marketing & Product Management at CamelBak. “This organization helps get kids away from screens and enjoy mountain biking in the outdoors. Their focus on understanding the importance of taking care of the environment we live, on and off the trails is also something we support greatly.”

Little Bellas mission: Little Bellas is a mountain bike organization whose goal is to help young women reach their fullest potential. The organization aims to create a community to empower women through cycling. They strive to accent the importance of goals, a healthy lifestyle and a positive female bond.

Grant Power:
“Our goal is to create a nationwide girls’ cycling program that allows participation opportunities regardless of economic status,” said Sabra Davison, executive director of Little Bellas. “This year we’ve evolved that goal. We are partnering with community organizations to adapt the program to their participants by breaking down barriers to entry such as equipment, cost, and transportation. Vista Outdoor Foundation’s grant has made it possible to serve more girls in this way.”

Vista Outdoor Foundation’s grant has helped Little Bellas increase access in underserved areas. The organization has created a process to get more girls on bikes in urban areas – a plan that covers finding and understanding a community where the program could soar, selecting a bike venue, developing partnerships, working through equipment logistics, recruiting and then running their program.  For the year 2022, Little Bellas has run the program in eight new communities. For more on the specifics of Little Bellas programing, check out their recent blog post.

The organization is diligent in forming partnerships to boost program lead outreach and reduce barriers to entry. In 2022, the organization hopes to grow to 70 programs in 22 states and assist nearly 1,500 girls!  The grant from Vista Outdoor Foundation expanded the program to include 10 additional programs in two additional states.

Since the organization’s launch in 2007, there have been a total of 8,400 Little Bellas out riding and exploring.