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Young Superfan shows appreciation for RCBS

When a young boy reaches out to express gratitude for a Vista Outdoor product, you might have a few guesses of which brands those may be.

Recently, a young superfan expressed great thanks and appreciation for RCBS, Vista Outdoor's reloading brand. The first introduced himself at a Gun Owners of California fundraiser in May. A young man named Will, 12, asked the RCBS retired GM about a product. The young boy expressed intereste in bidding on a product. Not wanting him to pay an elevated price, bidding against rice farmers, Steven Koch, product line manager at RCBS, introduced himself to Will and his dad.

"I invited them to come to RCBS. I gave them a tour, got him some product and a SPEER Manual. I told him to read the manual and when he was ready, I would give him a reloading lesson," Steve said. "They came back in June with a thank you card and knife. He made his first knife at 7."

"It's really refreshing to see the gratitude and appreciation Will has for just taking the time to show interest in his endeavor. I will place the note and knife in a case to proudly display it in the public company store for all to see. I hope I get to tell the story many times again," Steve said.